Shockingly, over 4 billion individuals had secure information infiltrated and stolen over the last year. A report from Risked Based Security released earlier this year found that businesses were actually under attack at a much higher rate putting customers and clients at high risk for data breaches. The information stolen goes further than just names or credit card numbers. Multiple cases of breaches with stolen social security numbers has put millions of people at risk for identity theft. The victims in these crimes include retail businesses as well as government and educational agencies. These ever increasing attacks make it vital that your secure documents and hard drives are disposed of properly and securely.

How much data stolen is actually documents?

It may surprise you to know that at least 29% of data theft cases involve secure documents and former employees. While you may feel like you put employees through strict training and privacy practices what is your company doing to make sure those documents are safe from inside theft? Using a professional company that provides lock and key storage containers for secure data documents that need disposed is one way to cut down on these inside breaches. Protecting these documents from theft can save you from expensive fines and penalties.

What are your options for preventing data theft?

Hiring a professional shredding service like Shred With Us is one of the safest and most reliable ways to protect your secure documents through the disposal process. We provide locked storage containers and provide multiple options for shredding documents and hard drives. Regular shredding services and pick can be scheduled as well as on site shredding or even one time purges for large amounts of documents. Contact Shred With Us to learn more about our services for protecting and disposing of your secure data.

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