The world we live in leave us vulnerable to data breaches and personal identity theft. Why risk losing your personal data to a stranger when there is a safe and secure way to dispose of secure documents? Sure you could buy a little paper shredder and spend your own time trying to safely get rid of papers but in this day and age there are professionals willing to take care of the shredding for you. With our expertise Shred With Us guarantees your personal documents will be disposed of and shredded in a safe and secure manner. We have the perfect solution when individual shredding is necessary as a member of a large office space. We offer various sizes of containers including personal document containers.

While our large containers that hold secure documents for shredding for office spaces we also offer several varieties of containers to meet all of your needs.

● Our Document Management Carts hold 350 lbs of paper and are conveniently on wheel for ease of use and movement.
● Executive Consoles are an ergonomically designed option with a self locking door. They don’t hold as much as our Management Carts but have an easier to remove bag.
● Slim Consoles are perfect for a variety of tight or small office spaces. They still offer the security necessary for disposing of secure documents until they can be successfully shredded.
● The Personal Container fits under a desk and eliminates the need to continually get up to dispose of secure documents in our larger containers.

No matter what your container needs may be Shared With Us has the perfect solution for holding documents that need secure shredding. Make better use of your time and money by paying for a professional paper shredding and disposal service. Contact Shred With Us to find out how we can help you keep your clients’ confidence successfully.

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