When it comes to shredding documents, there is certainly a world of difference between what you get with a paper shredding service and an office shredder.


Office shredders are usually only made to handle small amounts of shredding at once. Running many office shredders continuously will cause them to wear out in very little time. Many people have a tendency to try to feed too many sheets at once through office shredders, especially smaller wastebasket style ones that are intended for home offices.


 When you are paying employees to slowly shred documents you are losing money if you have a lot to get rid of. Shred With Us has powerful industrial shredders that can take care of all your shredding needs in amazingly little time. For larger purges, our mobile shredding units can come to your site and shred and recycle all your documents.

For those that have erratic shredding needs, we can offer drop boxes that are secure. Simply place documents in the box and when full or anytime you are ready simply call us or drop the bin off yourself. Only our team can access the contents so you can be assured that documents remain private and confidential.


Maintaining an office shredder is going to cost money and take up space in your business. A small drop bin can be more space efficient and costs less over the years, especially when you consider that you are not paying a lot of money per hour for an employee to shred documents for you. If your shredder breaks or malfunctions then you have to foot the bill for repairs or replacement. At Shred With Us, we always have a shredder available to meet your document destruction needs.

Digital Archiving

 Did you know we can help you digitally archive and organize documents as well? Paper shredding is just one part of the strategy to get your business up to date and organized. We can also securely store paper documents for you, so you don’t have to sacrifice your business space.

Getting Started

Contact us today and let us know what type of shredding services you are most interested in. You may be surprised at just how much we can benefit your business at a low cost! Let us help you get the most organized and efficient office!

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