In today’s world, it can seem like nothing is private. This means that companies that value privacy for their clients and themselves face increasing hurdles when it comes to offering discreet service. On-site shredding is one of the safest ways to ensure that sensitive documents are disposed of in the most secure way possible. Here are a few reasons on site shredding is a safe document disposal method for all companies.

We Come To You

With onsite shredding, there is no way for sensitive documents to get lost in transit. You have the peace of mind of knowing that documents are being shredded at your company with no unauthorized persons to gain access to information. Only our employees will be handling your documents and papers.

Fine Shredding

Typical small office shredders do not shred paper as finely as the outstanding industrial shredders that all of our mobile shredding units are equipped with. Finer particles mean that even if someone found a bag of material, it would be impossible for them to glean any valuable information whatsoever.

Disposal Certificates

At Shred With Us, we know that many companies face compliance rules and regulations when it comes to client confidentiality. We will dispose of your documents and provide a certificate that proves that they were disposed of in the proper manner to meet compliance protocols.


At Shred With Us, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of shredding services to meet the needs of our customers. This experience means that our employees don’t make careless mistakes when it comes to destroying confidential documents and records.  Our industrial shredders can take care of a high volume of documents in a single trip which saves you time and money.

Shred To Recycle

Shred With Us makes sure your finely shredded documents are recycled into new paper products. We never send bags to a landfill where anyone can find them. When we dispose of your records and documents on site, there is absolutely no way anyone is getting any of your company information.

The Most Secure Paper Shredding Solutions

On-site shredding is truly one of the most secure ways to approach document destruction. With so many companies changing their document storage methods from paper to electronic, it is important to consider the most effective and secure way to dispose of the vast amounts of unneeded records that have accumulated over the years.

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