If you have begun to explore shredding in Atlanta and shredding services in Charlotte, NC you will probably have come across the terms “on-site shredding” and “off-site shredding.” But do you know the difference? Well, Shred With Us, the best document destruction in Georgia with the best shredding services in Columbia, SC too, is here to answer all your local shredding questions.

The Basics of On-Site Shredding

First, what is on-site shredding? Well, on-site shredding entails a professional company coming to your office with the equipment needed to shred all of your documents. Companies like Shred With Us are fully trained and certified to shred a variety of sensitive documents from every field including retail, healthcare, government, law, and education. Furthermore, a witness can be present to comply with all laws and regulations in relation to these documents. A Certificate of Destruction can also be presented for your records. Furthermore, a regular on-site shredding time can be scheduled to meet all of your individual needs. Locked storage boxes can also be contracted to ensure every piece of information is disposed of in the securest manner possible. Once the shredding process has been completed, Shred With Us recycles so you don’t have to find another way to dispose of the shreds.

Off-Site Shredding, Explained

Off-site shredding, on the other hand, is also called plant-based shredding. In this process, the Atlanta shredding company arrives at your location, picks up that which you want shredded, empties your documents into shred bins, retrieves your filled shred bins or picks up boxes of documents to shred and hauls them to a location where the documents are then destroyed. However, one disadvantage to off-site shredding is that you face higher risk and liability by breaking the chain-of-custody when disposing of confidential information. Basically, there is less trust as soon as the confidential documents are taken off-site.

Shred With Us Offers Excellence In Both Fields

However, your decision to pursue off-site shredding or on-site shredding is completely your own, and depends on personal factors unique to your business. With that said, Shred With Us offers quality and excellence in both on-site shredding services as well as off-site shredding services. If you are searching for Georgia document destruction, document shredding in Atlanta, media destruction services, medical records destruction, professional shredding services, shredding drop off and more, Shred With Us is the best place for it.

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