Keeping up with document disposal can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. The cost of purchasing paper shredders as well as maintaining them can run you thousands of dollars each year. Besides the shredders themselves, the time employees spend leaving desks and shredding documents can cost hours of lost productivity. While the initial thought of outsourcing your shredding needs may seem costly, it is actually well-worth the money spent just to have documents shredded in a fully certified and compliant manner. If you factor in the time and money lost on equipment and employee time, outsourcing is an efficient and cost effective way to keep up with your document shredding needs.

Real Benefits to Outsourcing

  • Shredded documents can be recycled into other paper products keeping landfills from overfill.
  • Full compliance with all federal and state regulations protecting patient/client privacy.
  • Options to shred offsite or onsite with Certificates of Destruction issued for proof that all regulations were obeyed.
  • Large amount of paper can be purged without overworking your smaller shredders or taking up the time of you and your employees.
  • Locked storage containers are provided for document disposal before shredding keeping secure information from landing in trash cans and dumpsters.

No matter what the size of your shredding needs, professional shredding companies are prepared to meet them. Shred With Us knows that everyone’s requirements are a little different, and that is why we offer a variety of packages. We can schedule regular pickups and shreds, mobile shredding which allows you to witness the destruction of documents, drive through shredding, and even large one-time purge shredding. If your company is not already outsourcing all document and electronics shredding, now is the time to call Shred With Us to see what you could be saving in time and money.

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