When you are staring at years worth of old files and documents, it can seem extremely overwhelming to consider how to organize and simplify your records. Here are some of the reasons you should consider mobile shredding services.

No Hauling Heavy Boxes Yourself

Our mobile shredders come to you so you don’t have to waste time and money carrying heavy boxes of old records to be destroyed off site. When you consider how long this can take if you have an employee, or yourself do it, a mobile shredder sounds like a dream come true.

Heavy Duty Shredders

Your wastebasket shredder may be okay for a few pages here and there but you may find yourself wearing out your shredder or spending too much time shredding things yourself. ShredWithUs mobile shredding units are made to finely shred large volumes in very little time. Don’t wear out your office equipment trying to do a job that is far too big for your machine.

Secure Destruction of Paper Records

When we come to you, there is no travel time with in tact documents. This means you can rest assured that no documents find their way to unsecured locations. For highly sensitive documents this can be a big relief and comfort. A certificate of destruction is provided.


Low Cost

Labor is time and money. When you choose a mobile shredding service, you are freeing up time for you or your employees to take care of the most productive areas of your business. When you add in the cost of purchasing and maintaining a shredder that can take on a big project, you will quickly see that Shred With Us mobile shredders are an economical and reliable choice.

Great for Companies with Multiple Locations

If you have a small chain of businesses it can simplify things a lot to have one reliable shredding service. Our mobile shredders can go to each of your locations to help you get organized and streamline your operations. No maintaining your shredder and having to travel with it.

Relief with a Phone Call

With just one phone call you can be on your way to a more efficient and organized company. Ask us about our document archiving services for those records that you simply cannot let go of.

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