We all receive multiple pieces of junk mail on a daily basis, from credit card offers to charities requesting money, everyone can relate to getting mail you just don’t want. Many people do the exact same thing with these unwanted scourges and just toss them in the trash. Do you really know what happens to the information about you once the envelop hits the streets for pickup? According to the Supreme Court case California v. Greenwood garbage is legally public once it hits the curb. I’m sure you are thinking who would really dig through your garbage and you would probably be shocked to know how many have done just that and now possess pieces of your private information.

New research from Javelin Strategy and Research reports that identity theft has reached an all-time high 15.4 million Americans affected in 2016. It’s a safe bet that if you haven’t been hit by this plague yet, it’s probably only a matter of time. Thieves don’t just hack computer systems and steal personal data from the online cyber world. They also take the time to steal pieces of mail that have been thrown away and even have even been known to take mail right out of the mail box. What can you do to safeguard your personal information and keep it out of the hands of thieves?

The easiest and most secure way to prevent stolen personal information is to shred everything even that seemingly harmless junk mail. Regular consumer shredders may not be enough because the shreds of paper are still wide enough they could be pieced back together by master thieves. Using a professional service like Shred With Us for once in awhile shredding is a great way to safeguard your privacy. Shred With Us offers drive up shredding for your convenience and utilizes the latest and best in shredding technology. Give Shred With Us a try and protect your identity today.

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