If you don’t already have a prevention plan in place to prevent data breaches it could already to be late to prevent a breach that puts you and your clients at risk. It’s important to protect yourself proactively and put prevention plans and actions in place before the worst happens. Once a data breach has occurred it is almost impossible to guarantee anyone whose information was stolen will be safe from fraud and identity theft. Safeguarding your business with a prevention plan will keep you worry free and safe from hacking and theft.

First, to start your plan take a look at what procedures already exist for keeping information safe. If you don’t already have a “clean desk” policy put one in place. Meaning any secure documents with private information need to be under lock and key at all times. Specific drawers and storage containers should be designated to implement this “clean desk” policy. Shred With Us offers locked disposal containers for onsite containment until it is time to shred your secure papers.

Second, keep your online data safe with software that protects from ransomware, viruses, and phishing. Secure online archiving is a great way to keep online records stored and safe from breaches. Shred With Us also offers archiving with our Master Vault storage systems. Master Vault can also help with storage of paper documents keeping office space freed up while keeping private information safe.

Last, be sure to dispose of and destroy all documents securely with a professional shredding service. Shred With Us offers multiple options including one-time purges, mobile shredding, offsite shredding, and regularly shredding schedules. Prevent a data breach before one happens. Let Shred With Us help keep your office safe from breaches. We offer storage solutions and professional shredding of documents, hard drives, and other electronics. Call Shred With Us today.

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