A great way to give back to the community and promote the safe disposal of secure documents is to sponsor a community paper drive. As a key player in the community, it helps to create lasting relationships when you sponsor initiatives that serve to benefit your neighbors. By sponsoring a paper drive, you are helping to dispose of their secure documents and preventing others from becoming members of identity theft.

A paper shredding event can easily be scheduled by working with Shred With Us to set up a time and place for their mobile shredder to be available for others. A public space like a local parking lot offers a great location for holding this community event. For many individuals who may not be aware of these services and how they can protect their private information, your paper drive can direct them to a safer and more secure future. The drive can be hosted at your expense or even require a small donation for those who utilize the shredding services. Some larger companies advertise a donation to local charities in exchange for the use of professional shredding services.

The benefits for your company include raising awareness of identity theft and its consequences, as well as bringing in potential clients and customers. Individuals respect companies that get involved with the well-being of their communities and are more willing to frequent or utilize your services. Besides paper drives, many organizations have also included electronics collections for properly shredding and disposing of old electronics. It’s easy to get involved with your community by hosting a shredding event.

Shred with Us is a professional shredding company dedicated to meeting all of your paper and electronics shredding needs. Call Shred With Us to learn more about our services and how we can serve you today.

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