In South Carolina and across the country, laws state that anything that has been disposed of in a dumpster is fair game for whomever may choose to take it. Consider your company and the multitudes of documents that contain the personal information of hundreds and thousands of people. It doesn’t take a lot of work in this day and age to get credit cards and make purchases pretending to be someone else. Thousands of lives each year are devastated by identity theft, a crime involving taking over someone else’s personal information such as social security numbers, for financial crimes. Shredding secure papers and documents is the safest and most successful way to keep these identify thefts from continuing to happen.

Considering the sheer amount of papers passing through law, health practices, schools, and other private offices it is vital to have these documents shredded and disposed of by professionals. The laws protecting the privacy of individuals make complying with regulations to destroy secure data a legal issue as well. Incorrect disposal could lead to multiple fines costing your company far more than contracting with Shred with Us. We are experts in the laws and regulations surrounding document destruction. Don’t put your clients’ privacy in danger and risk troublesome problems with laws and regulations.

Shred With Us offers multiple options that include on-site or off-site paper shredding. We work with you to help meet whatever your needs may be. Unfortunately, some companies have already put the customers at risk and allowed secure documents to be discarded incorrectly. Once a breach has occurred it is extremely difficult to regain the trust of individuals who gave you their private information. Don’t risk your reputation because of non-compliant practices. Contact Shred With Us to learn more about our document shredding options and how we can help your company successfully protect client confidentiality.

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