Your workplace data has to be protected. Whether your confidential information is stored digitally or on paper, it is imperative to ensure all information in the workplace is kept in a secure place. The only way this can be done is by implementing some security measures.

Off-Site Document Storage

Many businesses find it best to keep documents secure by storing them in a designated off-site storage facility like Shred With Us’s Master Vault. This type of solution has two benefits; it saves office space and keeps documents completely safe and secure.

Secure and Compliant Shredding

Sometimes, you may need to completely get rid of your data. In many industries, this must be done in compliance with certain regulations, so hiring a secure shredding service is the way to go. There are off-site and on-site options, making secure shredding easy and convenient for even the busiest offices.  A reliable shredding service will present you with a certificate of compliance so that you’ll know your documents were shredded in accordance with any regulations that may be associated with your data.

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