No one company is the same as any other and with that in mind, Shred With Us understands that flexibility and options are the best way to fit everyone’s needs. That’s why besides on-site disposal, we also offer drive up of off-site options for that purge of paper that may not be needed on a regular basis. We offer a low price of $35 for up to five boxes and bags of documents as well as providing a convenient and easy to use drive option to get rid of small amounts of private and secure documents. Shred with Us is compliant with all privacy laws and regulations making us a shredding company you can trust. If you have documents just laying around putting your security at risk contact Shred With Us for a convenient drop off location.

Why Shred?

Simply throwing old secure papers out with the trash can have devastating effects on your finances and credit. Anything thrown out as trash is considered public and up for grabs by thieves looking for private information like social security numbers, addresses, or bank account and credit cards numbers. When you throw this information out you are basically giving your blessing to potential thieves to steal your identity and wreak havoc in your life. Don’t be a victim, instead make use of professional document shredding even if it is only needed from time to time.

What is a Purge?

A document purge is when you get rid of any and all secure papers you have been holding on to. We are happy to help you purge whether it be a small amount of documents from your home or a storage unit full of secure papers. Shred With Us will safely and effectively shred and disposed of paper with secure data keeping your safe and confident until your next purge is needed.

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