There are all types of things that people have written down and don’t want people reading. Call it paranoia, fear of what other people think, or security and protective measures. Either way, simply just throwing out highly secure and informative documents doesn’t cut it. You’re going to have to be extremely careful when getting rid of important paperwork by shredding documents!

public dumpster

It is far better to be shredding documents rather than throwing away personal information in public dumpsters.

Reasons for Shredding Documents

Required by Law

As if scare tactics on its own weren’t enough, the Federal Government telling you to do something may be a whole new ball game. Some reports such as medical and salary documentation are mandatorily to be disposed of. Confidentiality is a high priority and this is why onsite document destruction may occur in some cases.

Stolen Identity

With all of the technological advances in the world, there is a lot of information that gets stolen – including people’s identities. Unfortunately, all it takes is getting something as simple as someone’s social security number, which you can get off someone’s W2, bank statement, college application, rental application, etc. When these types of documents are written down, copied, or wound up being faxed or transported, these materials can be transported anywhere in the world and the likelihood of a person’s identity being  stolen is progressively high.  The odds are slightly less when the person throws out documentation but the risks are still there because their information is still intact and recorded.  When their information is properly destroyed at an onsite shredding company, then the documentation has a far less chance of being pieced back together. Shredding documents is a great safety precaution.


Confidentiality is crucial to all types of people, no matter what position a person may hold. It’s important that people understand that their information is secure, especially in settings where they give out personal and extensive history. Shredding documents provides further protection that secure documents will remain secure.

Reduce Fire Hazard

When papers are stacked one on top of the other, it can create a fire hazard. However, by papers being properly destroyed, safety measures are better taken. There is more room created when paper is disposed of in this neat and organized manor.

Minimize Waste

A reduction in pileups of waste occurs as a result of paper shredding. You will no longer have to worry about how much space gets taken up at landfills due to excess from throwing out your credential and important information. Paper shredding takes up much less space.

These are great reasons for you to be paper shredding and contact a paper shredding service right away! Shred With Us is an exceptionally trustworthy company that will cater to your needs by providing both on and off site shredding in addition to even more services that includes document storage. Contact today for more information.

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