Disposing your documents securely through organized destruction can prove to be a challenge for most businesses.

There are many risks associated with insecure document disposal and destruction such as legal action, loss of trust by clients, and loss of strategic business advantage (your competitors can get hold of your data).

If your business handles sensitive client information, improper disposal could invite large fines, which may cripple operations completely.

New electronic media, the preferred document storage platform for most modern businesses, may require specific practices to ensure complete disposal.

Choosing the right commercial shredding service can be the difference between sustainable success and business failure. Here are a number of policies that you should look out for when choosing the right document shredding service.

Convenient shredding policies

You should consider shredders who provide their services at your convenience.

If you are unable to achieve secure transport of your documents to the shredding location, your shredder should provide a pickup service, and also allow you to monitor every aspect of the process including loading and transportation.

If your business requires regular shredding services, your shredder should provide a secure medium to store and transport your documents.

For businesses with smaller loads, your shredding service should be able to provide mobile shredding services.

These may be carried out on the business premises and should provide authenticated means of proof, such as an automated video with location and time stamps.

Environmentally friendly practices

Any document shredding company should guarantee environmentally friendly disposal of any waste. Both electronic and paper media require specific disposal practices to prevent an accumulation of waste.

Choose a commercial shredding service that guarantees safe recycling practices which will not compromise on the security of the process.

Statements of compliance

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There are some types of businesses that are required to follow specific regulations and practices when shredding their documents due to the sensitive aspect of the information they hold. The HIPPA, FACTA, FERPA, RCRA, and the Privacy Act provide a framework for secure disposal of all documents. Failure to uphold conventions set by these organizations might attract fines of up to $2500 for each document.

Before choosing your shred service, you should make sure that they follow the specific requirements and provide a certificate of compliance. This will help protect your company from any legal ramifications since these certificates are proof of compliance.

Shred With Us

At Shred With Us, we are a premier shredding service. Our company follows these shredding practices to ensure the satisfaction and compliance of every client.

We offer secure mobile onsite and offsite document destruction for businesses with different quantities of disposable documents.

For all electronic media, we guarantee secure disposal with the comprehensive destruction of all electronic data.

We offer security in every aspect of the process, from indexing and packaging to transportation and destruction. We also provide real-time CCTV and GPS monitoring to ensure customers of the security of their documents.

Shred With Us also provides certificates of compliance with every shredding service offered, which is in line with the requirements of many consumer protection acts.

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