Securely Destroy Electronic Media

While the emphasis at some companies may be on moving from a paper-based to an electronic based method of record keeping and files, destruction of electronic media is an often overlooked problem. Anyone can carelessly throw away a computer or recycle it, and that leaves the information contained on the computer vulnerable.

For example, if your company is upgrading all the computers within the company, you might find you have 20 computers that have a lot of client and company information on them. Recycling them or donating them to a charity are both great options so long as electronic media is wiped clean or the hard drives completely removed.

All Types Of Electronic Media Are a Risk

Hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, video tapes, audio tapes, and removable storage methods should all be disposed of properly to avoid information falling into the wrong hands. Many companies have a lot of information stored away, taking up valuable space even though it is no longer needed. Sometimes the amount of time and energy needed for disposal leads to companies just sitting on excessive amounts of media.

Shred With Us offers secure electronic media destruction services. We can come to your business and pick up all the electronic media that you want disposed of. At our secure facility, we will shred and makes sure that your electronic media is recycled if possible.

Erasing Is Not Enough

Just erasing information from a hard drive or tape is not always enough to protect confidentiality. The only way to know for sure that information is no longer available is to destroy the media platform.

Hiring a professional firm like Shred With Us is often less time consuming and it can make it much easier to meet professionally mandated protocols and compliance regulations. We can provide the documentation you need to prove that your company is handling client confidentiality with the utmost respect.

Protection You Need

Electronic media is one of the most common ways that information falls into the wrong hands. When client information is leaked, it can lead to irreparable loss of reputation and your secure customer base that has taken years to build up. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that information theft can never happen to your company. Professional destruction of electronic media is an easy and affordable way to prevent company information and records from ever being available outside your company.

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