Where there is a school, there is paperwork. Educational institutions keep records on everything from student grades and medical conditions to staff backgrounds and financial information. Strict laws (FERPA) protect all student records; beyond that, there is confidential, and sensitive, information that cannot fall into the wrong hands.

The solution: professional-level shredding and data destruction. Outsourcing this task provides a wide range of benefits for schools, including:

  • Cost-Savings. Schools have to watch every dollar. With tight budgets, does outsourcing really make sense? Yes. It significantly cuts down on labor costs. For example, rather than paying a staff member to shred documents, you can free this valuable employee to contribute to the education of students.
  • Compliance. As mentioned, schools must adhere to strict privacy laws, particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Professional shredding ensures they follow the letter of the law and protect their students’ records (including academic, behavioral, medical, and legal documents).
  • Fraud Prevention. Whether an identity thief wants to misappropriate employee information (e.g. social security numbers, direct deposit bank information, etc.) or an “enterprising” student wants to access tests and exams, shredding key documents builds in a level of safety and security that can help administrators and educators breathe easier.
  • Digital Data Destruction. Many educational institutions keep electronic records; these, too, need to be safely disposed of to eliminate the risk of theft. It’s not as easy as pressing “Delete.” The right shredding service can take care of all your electronic media needs as well as your paper needs.
  • Reputation Management. Prospective students and families are assured when schools take every precaution to keep their information safe. Safe data destruction helps build your reputation in the community.

Schools have to juggle a myriad of concerns; cross one important task off the to-do list by opting for a professional shredding service.

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