In the United States we use close to 85,000,000 tons of paper a year and most of that paper goes directly into landfills costing enormous amounts of money in waste disposal, landfills, energy, and water. Recycling paper can save the space taken landfills as well as save money every year. When you choose to shred your documents and hard drives you are also choosing to prevent these costs as well as stop dangerous materials from entering our ground soil and water supplies. Shredding is actually a far more efficient way to recycle than regular paper recycling. At Shred With Us we are pleased to support these environmental and energy saving efforts.

Can you recycle shredded paper?

You may have heard that shredded paper is harder to recycle but that isn’t necessarily true. Shredding documents can be made bales of shredded paper making it easier to recycle into everyday items such as paper towels and coffee filters. While it’s true that shredded paper can’t be recycled into just any kind of paper product, it absolutely serves a role in eliminating waste. By using it in these regular household products the recycling of shredding paper is saving the environment for excess landfill dumping.

What about shredded electronics?

Even more hazardous to the environment are old electronics that can leach toxic elements into our water sources and ground soil. When you have your old hard drives shredded some of the materials can be recycled and reused in new electronics keeping them out of landfills.

Shredding is the best way to protect your sensitive and secure data and Shred With Us is pleased to be able to help with energy saving practices and supporting environmental initiatives. For the best in electronic and document shredding services contact the experts at Shred With Us today.

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