Information disposal is a critical task for every business or organization. Data security specialists offer a variety of solutions to best meet your unique needs. When it comes to on-site and off-site services, which will work best for you?

Do you:

  • Need to witness the destruction of documents? In this case, on-site shredding is optimal. Our state of the art mobile destruction facility features all the safeguards you need to ensure data is disposed of properly and in compliance with applicable laws. For example, hands-free techniques mean that technicians have only minimal contact with your documents. On board cameras allow you to watch the destruction process from start to finish.
  • Need to dispose of electronic media (hard drives, disks, etc.)? Non-paper shredding is done in a secure off-site facility. Pressing delete, overwriting, and degaussing do not guarantee data is gone; the only way to do that is with complete destruction. Again, thanks to CCTV, you can watch transport to ensure the highest level of security.
  • Want your documents destroyed immediately? On-site is a fast option. Your documents are destroyed right at your location as soon as your technician arrives at the specified time. After the initial shredding, your material is taken back to our secure facility. Here it is shredded yet again and then prepared for recycling.
  • Want to minimize disruption? Simply schedule pick-up and we’ll take care of everything. This keeps the interruptions in your workplace to a bare minimum.
  • Need a one-time purge of tax records or other documents? Try a drop-off solution. You bring your documents to shredding facility at the specified time, and your information is properly disposed of.
  • Require flexibility? Whether you need a one-time purge, sporadic shredding, or long-term information destruction services, we have a solution that will work for you.

On-site or off, secure information disposal should work with your budget, schedule, and needs.

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