Depending on what your line of work is, the shredding of documents may have varying levels of sensitivity. Any documents containing personal information such as social security numbers, financial information, and addresses should be considered highly sensitive and require extremely secure disposal processes. Storing documents which need to be shredded until they can be dropped off at your shredding company could put that sensitive information at risk of being compromised and stolen. Setting up a regularly scheduled onsite shredding will protect your documents and the information they contain.

What is on site shredding?

Onsite shredding entails a professional company coming to your office with the equipment needed to shred all of your documents. Companies like Shred With Us are fully trained and certified to shred any and all sensitive documents from every field including retail, healthcare, government, law, and education. Since we shred on site, a witness can be present to comply with all laws and regulations concerning in direction relation to these documents. A Certificate of Destruction is then presented for your records.

How often can we shred and what happens to the shredded documents?

A regular on-site shredding time can be scheduled to meet all of your individual needs. Locked storage boxes can also be contracted to ensure every piece of information is disposed of in the securest manner possible. Once the shredding process has been completed, Shred With Us recycles so you don’t have to find another way to dispose of the shreds. Our shredding machines make shreds so small to guarantee they cannot be pieced back together. Our professional grade shredders make the job of shredding large amounts of documents quick and easy.

Shred with the best

Shred With Us has years of experience and expertise to offer and a variety of times and shredding options. If you have struggled to get documents to our site try our onsite shredding services.

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