In-house document shredding creates noise and trash, and it also wastes a lot of paper that is recyclable. Depending on your document disposal procedures, these wastes may directly go to the landfills. This could result in another party not involved in the company to read the papers.

Problem with Faulty In-House Document Disposal

If you have not set up your in-house paper shredding procedure properly, you could provide criminals the opportunity to access confidential information. There is a possibility that the information on the papers, even if shredded, may be used against the company. Reliable South Carolina on site shredding services providers are aware of such crimes that may occur due to improper document disposal.

A patient or a consumer has the right to confidentiality, and it is the institution’s liability to keep the records safe. If the company does not observe proper disposal of confidential papers, it will contribute to an increase of identity theft cases. The clients become victims.

The Solution to Reliable On-Site Shredding Services

Companies can avoid the negative consequences of unwarranted and problematic document shredding. The solution is easy. Have an on-site shredding service perform the shredding.

If the company is in need of immediate, but safe disposal of important documents, consult our on-site shredding service. Our South Carolina on site shredding services providers follows the privacy policies provided by the authorities.

Our on-site shredding firm takes care of the disposal, mainly the handling and delivery of confidential papers right to the truck for shredding. The driver does not handle the confidential papers locked in a secure container.

With on-site paper shredding, the transparency of the procedures is highly valued. The company gets to witness the actual shredding in the mobile truck that comes to the company’s premises.

Shred With Us for On Site Shredding Services in South Carolina

We provide a Certificate of Destruction to the requesting company after the shredding. It serves as proof that the service complies with the rules and regulations of the state regarding the disposal of confidential papers. This gives the company freedom from client lawsuits. Contact Shred With Us at 888-297-4733 for secure, reliable on site shredding services at your location in South Carolina.

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