Working from home provides great flexibility and an opportunity to run your business exactly the way you planned. More and more professionals have found that running a business from home allows them to make their own schedules and still be successful. There are a few disadvantages to working from home and one of them is disposing of private and secure documents in a safe way. According to a 2016 report almost half of home run businesses have had cyber security breaches and have not set policy for protecting paper documents. So how can you be sure that your documents and those with information about your clients stay private? Follow some of these tips to protect your privacy.

1. Assess your data. How much of your paper is private and needs to be kept confidential? Once you have assessed your data you can decided what options will work best for proper storage and disposal.

2. Get familiar with privacy laws. If you haven’t already looked into regulations and laws for privacy in your area of business you need to. If you feel like it is too overwhelming to accomplish on your own seek out a reliable disposal service like Shred With Us.
3. Keep it under lock and key. While storing secure documents before disposal your safest bet is to keep them in a locked storage container. If you work space should happen to be compromised having them under lock and key will protect you and your clients.

4. Hire a professional shredding service. A professional service that specializes in shredding secure documents and old electronics is the best and possible most cost efficient way to keep private information from becoming public.

Shred With Us is an experienced document disposal company. We offer multiple options including locked storage and onsite paper shredding. Shred With Us also specialized in shredding old electronics with sensitive information like hard drives. For help with your home office contact Shred With Us today.

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