Sure you could try and dispose of documents on your own, but when you have an office to run, it would just be one more thing to have to worry about. Why put the burden of document disposal on yourself when you could hire and reliable and safe service to do it for you? Shred With Us is a professional shredding service capable of safely and securely disposing of your secure documents so you don’t have to do it yourself. We offer regularly scheduled pick-ups on site to save you the time and cost of bringing the documents to us for shredding. If you don’t already utilize a shredding service here are the reasons why you should.

1. Client privacy. Shred With Us offers services to all fields of business including health care, law, government agencies, schools, and retail among others. Your patients, clients, customers, and student privacy are a priority to us. Our paper shredding equipment is state of the art and our shredding practices are fully secure.
2. Compliancy. Can you be sure that your disposal policies are compliant with all up to date laws and regulations? Shred With Us knows them all and adheres to each one. Your time is better spent serving your clientele and running your business. Let us follow compliancy laws when it comes to secure data destruction.
3. Don’t let it build up. Free up space in your office setting by scheduling regular pick up and shredding services from Shred With Us. Letting secure documents pile up cause both physical injury risks as well as allows more opportunity for sensitive information to be stolen and taken advantage of by theft.

Trust the experts at Shred With Us to securely shred your paper protecting your and your clients safety. We also provide electronics shredding, eliminating any and all private data from old hard drives, zip drives, and other electronics. Contact Shred With Us to schedule regular shredding services.

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