Secure document shredding requires more than just destroying documents for security. It is how one disposes of those documents that really makes it a secure shredding process. For instance, there are many ways in which one can shred documents improperly. Whether or not it is for onsite or offsite shredding services, we at Shred With US would like to address how we avoid common shredding mistakes.


Continuous over-shredding

Our shredding machines are not magical. They are machines that need to be maintained at a continuous rate. Our maintenance team works wonders with keeping our shredders working day after day. The truth is that the shredders are going to be utilized continuously. The flow of paper is unending, and so over shredding is a very real possibility if left unchecked. But because of our maintenance team, the shredders get the rest and care that they need to keep going out there every day.


Unsafe Shredding maintenance

Speaking of shredding maintenance, the shredders requires special attention. Each time our team inspects the machines, they have to check every inch and corner that could possibly need refinement. For instance, it is easy to give a simple check every now and again. But that only scratches the surface of the machines’ needs. They have to be properly cared for, like any of our employees.


Shredder-stuffing (too many materials at once)

We know how a small, office shredder can easily be jammed due to too much paper going in at the same time. Imagine that trouble on a much larger scale. That is just unacceptable in our service. Whether or not we are talking about onsite or offsite shredding services, jamming disrupts the whole process. We know that you need your document shredding process to be quick and convenient. How could it possibly be convenient if it is taking up more time than it needs to? That is why we treat each type and grouping of paper with respect to their strength level.


Post-shredding organization

As mentioned earlier, one cannot just dump as many documents as they want into the shredders. For proper onsite and off-site shredding, each of the documents must be organized in certain amounts before being properly destroyed. This is for a couple of reasons. For one, it helps prevent shredder jamming. On the other hand, it also allows us to make sure that each document got destroyed properly.


At the end of the day, our shredding services are all about you, the client. We do not wish to have you wait on us any longer than you have to. We give each set of documents the attention they need, but we also work at quick enough pace that you can get back to your important affairs. After all, isn’t that the reason you want your documents shredded in the first place? We know that you want more convenience in your daily life. Therefore, with these shredding mistakes avoided, you can rest easy. For more information on our onsite and offsite shredding services, please feel free to contact Shred With Us today.

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