Security shredding is one of our goals here at Shred With Us. Protection of personal documents is more important than ever before. The reason why it is important to utilize security shredding and document storage is because of any potential breach of financial security. Identity theft is a risk that can occur from a laptop across the country. In order to be prepared for the potential risks to your physical and digital documents, it is important to know the signs of identity theft.

Receiving unexpected Bills

One situation that should immediately start raising eyebrows is if you are receiving indications that you purchased something you don’t remember buying. Whether it is from creditors or credit card transactions, if you are being told that you have used your money at times that you clearly couldn’t have, then it is time to investigate.

Not Receiving Expected Bills

Billing may also point to potential identity theft. Not just because you are receiving bills for payments you didn’t make, but because you are not receiving bills for payments you did make. If your regular bills cease to appear in your mail, then maybe it is because an identity thief had changed the address in order to gain banking details.

Denial of a loan, credit card, or another service

Imagine out of nowhere you are denied for a particular service. You could be trying to pull a loan or you could just be trying to use your credit card. If you have a negative payment history, then it might be because someone got a hold of your credit card information.

You receive a credit card in the mail (for which you never applied for)

At first glance, you might think this is some kind of casual mistake. However, the important thing to realize is that this may be a situation where an Identity thief had applied for said credit card. If you do happen to receive a credit card you never applied for, always call up the credit card company immediately to make sure what the situation was.

Errors on your credit report

This is a way to check most signs of identity theft, since the report will allow you to inspect and see if there is anything out of the ordinary. This can include new credit cards or transactions you don’t remember getting.


Identity theft can be scary when faced alone. But with Shred With Us’ document storage and security shredding services, you may start to feel much more comfortable with where you are at in terms of your information’s vulnerability. For more information on document storage and shredding services, be sure to contact Shred With Us today.



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