You need to dispose of your documents for a reason – security.  However, do you trust the place you are paying to dispose of this sensitive information?  Can you really trust them?

Professional shredding services are become increasingly popular with all the discussions on identity theft.  The documents you are shredding are the ones that these thieves want.

Here is what you should look for when considering a shredding service to ensure your safety:

Legality And Certification

Any reputable shredding company should be certified by national organizations

such as Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and ASIS International.

ASIS is dedicated to raising the level of safeguards in all information security settings. A company with CIPP & CPP accreditations, should be important to you as you choose to further minimize risk for your facility. A key benefit of these certifications is increased legal protection because this service provider must comply with strict requirements and code of ethics.

Where Does The Shredding Take Place?

Does the company operate on-site or off-site?  A company that conducts business on-site is better for confidentiality as there is not transporting the documents.

Off-site operations will haul the documents to their facility, which allows more opportunity for error such as falling off, misplaced or coming in contact with the wrong person.

When Will Documents Be Shredded?

All documents should be shredded immediately.  If documents sit for a long period of time, their chances of getting into the wrong hands increases.  Check how many documents can be shredded in an hour.  Also, ask if you can witness the document shredding process.

You will also want to ask about the security of the process and learn about the transportation of the shredded documents.  Meaning, you want to evaluate the entire shredding process from start to finish.  Typically, after paper is shredded, pieces are mixed and taken to a recycling facility to ensure the information is not reconstructed.


Beware of companies with super low rates.  They may not have the experience and trustworthiness you want to protect your business.  You want the best price, but be sure to weigh the benefits before completely deciding.

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