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Security and privacy are very important to businesses and their clients. Proper disposal of sensitive personal information is vital to success and the trust required to bring your business to the top. Here are some options for when you are unable to shred documents.

Locked Container Options

Shred With US offers containers that documents can be placed in for secure shredding at a later time. These secure boxes are an easy solution. You can choose between calling us for pick up of documents when the container is full, or you can drop off documents for secure shredding. If you have larger volumes, then help is only a phone call away.

One Time Document Purges

If you have a high volume of paper to shred, then a one-time purge may be the best option. Many offices have become almost entirely paperless with the modern, easy access to digital archives. Shred With Us is easy to work with. We can show up to your business using a mobile shredder and get your office storage cleaned out in no time. We can also digitally archive files so you will still have access to them.

Shredding When You Need It Most

One advantage of onsite document storage containers is the flexibility. You don’t have a contract or commitment to shred a certain amount of paper per month. When your container is full, you pay to have its contents shredded no matter how fast or slow you fill it. Larger shredding orders are not a problem. Just call us and we will work out the best option for your job.

Security And Peace Of Mind

It can be easy to be lax if you only have a small volume of documents to be shredded. One security breach can change the way customers view your business. Never think that you are too small to benefit from a professional shredding service.

Scheduled Shredding

If your business has a pretty steady routine, then you can sign up for a regular visit from one of our mobile shredding services or we can pick up your containers. Shred With Us works with your unique business to make sure that you have the document destruction services and data archiving solutions that your business needs to make it in the modern world. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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