These days, it seems like everyone needs to be on their phone all the time.  Because we’re so accessible, people want to access us…constantly.  It can be frustrating, but also necessary depending on what line of work you’re in, how many people you know, etc.: the list of factors goes on.  However, data can be expensive, which means so can keeping in contact.   Sometimes it seems like all we’re doing is searching for the next wi-fi hotspot, and wi-fi can be a godsend, but keep in mind that public shared networks are dangerous for certain activities.  Try to follow these guidelines below for a safer internet experience.

Credit Card Information

You should never fill out your credit card information online using a shared network.  Regardless of how safe the website assures you it is, it can’t protect you against someone on the same network as you getting ahold of your information.  The auto-fill function that’s popping up on many web browsers, both on your phone and on your computer, can be very helpful, but it can also be disastrous when used on a shared network.  Don’t allow people access to your credit card information by being on the same network as them.  Save purchases for when you have a private, secure connection.

Banking Information

Some of the greatest apps out there are the ones that help us keep track of our money, and we’re not talking about budgeting applications.  Rather, we’re talking about banking applications.  Entering your banking information in order to access a mobile banking account on a shared network could have consequences, as people sharing your network can gain access to that information.  Checking bank statements is something best done in person or on a secure network, not in public.

Social Security Number

No matter what, you should never enter your social security number on any website while using a shared network.  Though this is not a typical occurrence, one can be prompted to give their SSN on any number of government forms on the internet.  This is information that’s really dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands, as it tends to be the last piece of the puzzle in cases of identity theft.

Protect your information and protect yourself by being aware of how private your internet connection is.  Shred With Us wants to protect your information through our shredding services and beyond.

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