Commercial shredding usually means large volume shredding that often must comply with industry rules and regulations.  Large volumes of paper documents are found everywhere but with the advent of digital technology it has become desirable for many offices to shed themselves of the baggage and waste of space that paper files offer. Here are some of the many commercial shredding options available from Shred With Us.

One Time Purging

If you want to make the jump into the future with a cloud-based or virtual office and record keeping system, then a one time purge makes a lot of sense. One-time purges may also be appropriate during mergers or simply if you have a lot of files that are so old they are never going to be needed again.

High Security Document Shredding

Commercial shredding creates a very finely shredded result. Typical shredders only shred so small which means information is not as protected. Commercial shredders offer a tiny result that is then sent off to be recycled into other products, so information is not accessible to anyone after we take possession of your documents.

Document Storage Boxes And Pick Up

Shred With Us offers boxes that can be dropped off at your site. You and your employees can then fill these boxes with any documents that need to be shredded. Boxes can be dropped off at our location for shredding or we can get them when you call us.

On Site Shredding

Our shredder trucks can come to your location and shred documents at your business. Many clients like this service for when a large number of documents need to be shredded all at once.

Off-Site Shredding

While our containers are a good solution for those that have varying shredding volumes, we can also pick up large amounts of files and shred them at one of our locations. After shredding you will be given proof of document destruction so you can comply with whatever rules and protocols are required of your business.

Help When You Need It

Shred With Us is here to help your business succeed. When you choose our services, it means you have more time to dedicate to your customers and to make your business reach its full potential. Contact us today to discuss what type of shredding you need to switch to a paperless office and free up some valuable office space.

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