Information security is on the mind of every business, healthcare center, school, and organization. The extreme sensitivity of data, from medical records to financial transactions to grades, makes it vulnerable to misuse. Protecting the privacy of stakeholders and handling physical and digital documents – and their disposal – with care is a 21st century mandate. What safeguards are in place for you though? How do you know that information security services are, in fact, secure?

This is where NAID comes in. The National Association for Information Destruction is a trade organization for companies specializing information destruction all over the world. NAID sets the standards for the industry and offers a renowned certification program that enables companies to build trust with their customers and communities.

The NAID AAA Certification Program is completely voluntary; through it, member companies undergo unannounced audits for quality assurance in terms of mobile and facility-based operations and in the destruction of paper and digital media.

So what does AAA Certification mean? That the company you are entrusting your data to follows a rigorous process that complies with applicable laws and regulations around confidential information (e.g. HIPPA, FERPA, FACTA, etc.). Other reassurances:

  • NAID auditors hold the Certified Protection Professional accreditation from ASIS International. They are duly trained in procedures and requirements.
  • Auditors ensure that companies have protocols in place to protect the security of confidential m material at each stage of the destruction process. A clear chain of custody is maintained.
  • Anyone handling confidential material undergoes an intensive three-level background check.
  • Companies that do not comply with standards may be subject to fines and/or have their certification rescinded.

Because audits are not announced ahead of time, companies must maintain these high standards as a matter of course. It’s not a show they put on for inspectors, but rather “business as usual.” NAID AAA Certification offers assurance: your documents will be destroyed in a manner that is completely secure and in compliance with laws.

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