You hear about it on the news or hear of someone it happened to – identity theft.  Do you have sensitive content in your possession like Social Security Numbers or financial information?  You wouldn’t just hand these documents to someone on the street, would you?  Of course not!!  This is why you need to shred this information to prevent the trick or treating of your customer’s personal information!

Shredding documents can be cumbersome, but did you know that there are mobile options?  Meaning, we will come to you to take your documents and shred them for you!  That’s right, you will not have to leave your office.

Why Shredding Documents Is So Important

Every business collects sensitive information, and some of that information is still in paper form.  These documents include customer lists, payroll records and credit card information.  Why should you dispose of these?

  • Prevent identity theft
  • Protect your customers and employees
  • It’s the law
  • Remove the paper clutter

Mobile Shredding Benefits

Knowing how important it is to shred documents, let’s go back to how easy mobile shredding will make your business life and help you protect your employees and customers.

We Do All The Work

We come to you so you don’t have to load up these documents and unload at a shredding facility.  We will come to you!

Watch Us Work

Worried about what happens to documents after you drop them off at a shredding facility?  Using Shred With Us, you don’t have to! Mobile shredding goes to you and you can watch the process!  We do all the work.  Just show us what you want us to shred.

Your Time Is Valuable

We know that it is hard for you to leave your office and take time out of your day.  Our mobile service is quick!  All you have to do is provide us a few minutes of your time to sign the invoice and show us to the documents!

Save Money

Having an employee take documents to a shredding facility takes a lot of time, which is ultimately a waste of money. You will definitely save by having us come to you!
Call Shred With Us today at 888-297-4733.  We’d be happy to tell you about our services and give you a quote.

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