Shredding. As the end of the year comes closer it becomes time to think about changes to make in the office. Without a doubt, there are many things on the list to improve or change for the New Year.

There are benefits of being able to have your document destruction and shredding done there at the office, instead of having to worry about what is being done with the confidential material your business deals with. More than ever before, it is absolutely critical to be cautious with the information dealt with by businesses that contains the sensitive information of clients and customers. Even employee information can be sensitive and not what you would want falling into the wrong hands.

Why Hire a Professional Shredder?

Keep Documents Safe Until Destruction

There are certainly many benefits of having your shredding done by a professional at the office. ShredWithUs can set up collection bins in the office at prime locations, so that your materials can be safe in these locked bins until our mobile shredding vehicle comes to handle the safe destruction of the documents. Don’t let the safety of the information in these documents be something that weighs on your conscience, do the safe thing and have a professional protect them until they can be dealt with and shredded.

Focus On the Business

Every company has its own problems to deal with. Financial institutions, medical professionals, and government agencies here in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are all very busy dealing with customers and serving their client base. The last thing anyone wants is to spend more time than necessary dealing with semantics like disposing of old documents and data. There is more than enough work to deal without having to deal with that. That’s why it’s such a great choice to allow ShredWithUs to come in and take care of shredding your materials!

In Compliance with All Codes & Guidelines

Document destruction is a more technical and difficult process than you may have guessed. As members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) ShredWithUs is fully aware of and in compliance with the practices and guidelines made by NAID. Lockable containers are provided free for your home or business and help you be certain that your documents are dealt with properly. ShredWithUs also has every driver employed by us undergo the County Sheriff’s Department background and fingerprint investigation.

Again, there are could be many changes to be made concerning your business for 2016. All your business may be missing is the convenience of an on-site shredding service to fit your document destruction needs in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. To get a quote or find out more information, call ShredWithUs today at 888-297-4733!

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