Privacy and keeping secure documents safe are top priority for any business or organization that keeps records containing names, address, account numbers and other personal information. Some laws and regulations require storing documents for extended amounts of time before destroying and shredding. So why choose a document storage company instead of taking on the responsibility yourself? Despite your best efforts, if you are storing documents yourself, there is a risk that they could be placed into the wrong hands. Once these documents have been leaked your employees, customers, clients, and students could be at risk for identity theft. Don’t put yourself or those your serve in danger. Still not convinced? Check out these top reasons for using document storage.

  1. Keep data secure and private. Storing old documents in boxes or filing cabinets will not keep them safe from being misplaced, stolen, or accidentally thrown out. Utilizing a professional storage company ensures documents are locked up and safe at all times.
  1. Free up space. For some places documents have to be stored for years. When you are dealing with a high volume of records such as in a school district or tax office all of those stored records take up rooms or even warehouses. Online archives or professional storage vaults save your space and money.
  1. Prevent fines. If you aren’t 100% positive that every employee is being totally compliant at all times (and no one can be) then you are putting secure data at risk for theft or breaches. Not only can you put yourself in danger of major lawsuits if private information is stolen but also heavy fines for not correctly storing and destroying secure documents.

You don’t have to risk it and store these documents on your own. Shred With Us is a professional document shredding company who also offers Master Vault document storage solutions. Learn more about how we can help you by calling Shred With Us today.

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