If you’ve made the decision that some of your documents need to go, then hopefully you’ve put a lot of thought into that decision.  You aren’t shredding for the sake of shredding, you’re shredding because if you didn’t some of your most important and personal information would be potentially leaked to the world.  When choosing your shredding company, you want to make sure that what you’re shredding has truly been obliterated.  Here’s a checklist to use when deciding if a shredding service is right for you.

They Offer On-Site Shredding

On-site shredding means exactly what it sounds like it means, and you don’t even have to leave your office to get the job done.   Quality shredding services will come to you to get the job done, meaning that there’s no possibility of papers getting lost in the fray of transport. 

You Can Watch The Process

At Shred With Us, we come to you and you can watch us shred your documents.  By simply loading the documents you want to shred into our secure receptacle, you can then see with your very own eyes how those documents are handled, all without leaving your desk.

You’re Provided With Proof

Even after you’ve seen your documents be destroyed with your own two eyes, a quality shredding company will provide you with some sort of certification or proof that your documents have been permanently handled.  This certificate can be used to instill confidence in your employees, your clients, and your business.

Information is sensitive, especially in an age where everything we could ever want to know seems to be a Google search away at the tips of our fingers.  Information is one of the most valuable tools that we have, so don’t risk giving up your power.  Keep your business’s information private and trust Shred With Us to help you with all of your document destruction needs.

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