Ensuring That Documents Are Gone Once and For All

If you’ve made the decision that some of your documents need to go, then hopefully you’ve put a lot of thought into that decision.  You aren’t shredding for the sake of shredding, you’re shredding because if you didn’t some of your most important and personal information would …Read more

Get Serious: Why is Master Vault Document Storage Important for Your Business?

In this day and age of information security it is highly important that you keep your protected documents in a safe document storage. It has gotten to the point where you can’t even trust your own employees. Back in the day it was a problem when someone …Read more

Protecting Your Liability and Reputation when Hiring a Shredding Company

Identity theft is one of the top consumer complaints. According to the Federal Trade Commission, American consumers lost billions to fraud in 2013 as a result of identity theft. Businesses are held to several regulatory requirements in order to limit a customer’s risk. These regulations consist of …Read more